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Together, we can revolutionize how therapy is delivered.

Let’s ensure that students receive the support they need while therapists enjoy the freedom and flexibility they desire. Join me in transforming lives through connection, innovation, and excellence. Step by step, we can work to transform students’ and therapists’ lives.


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meet the founder

Hi, I’m Amber Freeze- a Therapist & Entrepreneur

I’m passionate about providing essential virtual support to schools in diverse settings. My personal journey, filled with resilience and adaptability, has led me to establish a successful company specializing in a wide range of therapy services, deeply influencing students’ lives.

  • My team, our growing network of therapists, and I bring extensive experience in special education and related services.
  • We continuously expand our diverse team of professionals by helping therapists create their dream jobs.
  • We are committed to building positive experiences, focusing on building connections and flexibility and maintaining professional boundaries.

Meet the admin team

Meet the pioneers leading the forefront of educational transformation.

Jonah, Invoice Manager

Lora, Resource Account Manager

Mikayla, Evaluation Manager

“I want my therapists to have relationship-based values that focus on engagement and child-centered therapy, rather than response-driven…”
Amber Freeze
Founder, SoundEd Therapy
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