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We offer private and school-based educational therapy services, online or in-home. Our services are provided by outstanding therapists with decades of experience in public schools and pediatric clinics.

SoundEd provides over 300+ hours of therapy per week!

Amber Freeze + SoundEd Educational Therapy

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Download your guide now! Our eBook will help you seamlessly integrate teletherapy into their learning- ensuring they’re fully prepared + equipped to excel.

Perfect for educators and parents alike! SoundEd is here to empower + support you + your students’ educational journey.


We’re empowering Schools with Exceptional Teletherapy Services.

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Individual Attention

We allow each child to shine through our individualized services, tailored to their specific abilities and goals. SoundEd understands that while schooling may have changed, the importance of nurturing relationships in learning remains constant. Our approach is built on creating positive emotional experiences & fostering strong bonds with students & their families. This empowers each child to discover & embrace their unique superpower. With the flexibility of online services, we accommodate your family’s schedule, ensuring that support and development are an accessible & integral part of your child’s journey towards becoming their best self (all in a friendly & empathetic environment!)


growth, confidence, success.

We’re committed to offering exceptional teletherapy services thoughtfully tailored to address the diverse and unique challenges today’s students and educators face. We ensure every child can access high-quality, personalized therapy, transcending geographical and situational barriers.

  • Tailored to each student’s specific needs.
  • Highly qualified professionals with a passion for education and well-being.
  • Bringing top-notch therapy to your school, no matter where you are.

ABOUT amber & sounded therapy

founded by A therapist for therapists.

SoundEd is revolutionizing online therapy for schools. We’re more than a company; we’re a community of professionals passionate about nurturing the next generation.

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Supportive and rewarding environments

SoundEd nurtures a supportive, rewarding virtual environment for diverse schools and valuing experience and relationship-building. We ensure meaningful connections, guided by a nonstop, supportive team. Our resilience drives our mission for nationwide, child-centered therapy, fostering a team-centric, joyful culture.

The world needs a sense of worth, and it will achieve it only by its people feeling that they are worthwhile.
Mr. rogers
Television Host & Author

top-Notch Specialized Support

Our team of specialized therapists is dedicated to providing exceptional educational therapy services to schools, students, and families. We connect with clients, families, and schools, while eliminating the burdens of commuting and paperwork. We are committed to creating a supportive and enriching environment for therapists, enabling them to provide the highest quality services to students who may otherwise have limited adult relationships in their lives.

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